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Human Computer Interaction

What good is the technology if it too complex to use?

It is always hard to understand some ones else’s position but human computer interaction is all about just that, understating how the user sees your user interface. But it is very important to learn how and why HCI is so important and it gets more and more important too because the computers gets more into our every days work and are not just a tool for professors any more. So from the way just a few years ago with only a few computers will we see computer and computer interfaces everywhere. From the kitchen to cars. But not everyone knows HCI as good as you can expect, just brows the internet for a few minutes and you fill see a lot of examples of horrible interfaces, not just personal sites but also big companies.

File: The hci report (pdf)
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Vattenkylning Human Computer Interaction
What good is the technology if it too complex to use?
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